A new K-8 Classical Christian School for Orange County.

Opening in fall of 2024 in Tustin, California. Now accepting applications for grades K-7.

What's New

Renewing California by founding great schools.

A great culture is created through the integration of great families, great friendships, and solid formation.

The Camino Schools is dedicated to the cultural renewal of California through the founding of great schools. The mission of our schools is to collaborate with parents in the intellectual, moral, physical, and spiritual education of their children.

Through a rigorous liberal arts curriculum and intentional, individualized character formation, these schools seek to help develop children into mature, confident leaders who engage the world with a spirit of freedom, adventure, and service.

Our pillars to forming a great school.

Classical Education

Classical education is an approach to education that is oriented around a child’s natural stages of development and grounded in the traditional liberal arts, developing in students the freedom to live a fully human life beyond the mere attainment of technical skills or knowledge. Classical education teaches students to think critically, write clearly, and speak persuasively while cultivating a life-long love for learning and the ability to recognize the Good, the True, and the Beautiful in the people and things around them. Click the button below to learn more about classical education.

Character Formation

Great schools seek to form the entire person—body, mind, heart, and soul—and partner with parents in their mission of raising children into wise, magnanimous, and joyful adults.

Every aspect of the school–from the beautiful art displayed in classrooms to the personal example of faculty–is oriented toward helping students grow in virtue. A single-sex format of education in the upper grades is tailored specifically to helping boys learn to become great men and girls learn to become great women.

Spiritual Growth

The culture and curriculum of the Camino Schools is grounded in a Christian worldview that recognizes the dignity and freedom of each human person. Students are encouraged to embrace their identity as sons and daughters of God and see each moment of their daily lives as opportunities to grow in holiness. While our schools will offer instruction in the Catholic faith and regular opportunities for students to participate in the sacraments, students of all religious backgrounds are welcome.

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